Sewer Drain Video Camera Inspections

Unsure of the real culprit causing your plumbing problem? It’s not always so cut and dry. Oftentimes, the source of the issue is not immediately obvious and requires some serious detective work! Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Drain Rescue offers sewer video camera drain inspection to locate the problem and diagnose the issue. In many cases, these video camera drain inspections enable us to fix minor problems before they become big (and costly) disasters.

How Video Camera Drain Inspection Works

The latest in plumbing technology, a video camera drain inspection allows plumbers to see into the depths of your plumbing system, without the need to rip everything out of the ground. Once the camera pinpoints the problem, all plumbing work can be centralized and focused exactly where it is needed, which avoids unnecessary invasions and interruptions to healthy parts of the system.

Our drain inspection cameras are particularly useful for outdoor plumbing jobs since these often involve tree roots that have embedded themselves into pipes below the ground, causing tremendous damage.

Fast and Effective

Why create more disruption than you need to? Instead of ripping up floorboards or digging up your front lawn to find the problem, take advantage of the plumbing industry’s latest video technology. Our cutting-edge video camera drain inspection equipment enables us to source the problem with full accuracy and solve it quickly.

So if you’re dealing with a serious plumbing issue and you can’t seem to locate the exact cause, maybe it’s time to get a different view!