Clogged Drain Services

Wondering how to figure out whether or not you have a clogged drain? Look around the drain area. Do you notice a build-up of excess water that should be flowing through but isn’t? If yes, all signs point to a clogged drain.

Usually, a clogged drain is a surprising and unwanted event. Depending on where it’s located, the blockage in your clogged drain pipe may have been caused by any number of objects. For example, outdoor drains collect dirt and leaves. Indoor sink drains to deal with a lot of grease, fat, and food scraps. And just as you might guess, the biggest culprit in clogged shower drains is hair.

Whatever the cause, clogged drains are common and happen as a result of everyday living. They’re tough to prevent, and usually, too tough to handle on your own. That’s why there are licensed plumbers like us to help.

Clogged Drain Snaking

You may have heard the term before. A snake is a coiled, metal wire tool used by professional plumbers that allow us to access and remove whatever is clogging your pipe. It’s typically used for larger, more severe blockages and works quickly and efficiently to solve the problem. Usually, the snake pulls the blockage out back through the top at which point the waste is simply disposed of. But your professional plumber can also flush the blockage out the other way, forcing it through the city sewer.

We specialize in clogged drains or sewer backup.

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Clogged Drain from Household Items

Occasionally, things fall into drains accidentally. Maybe your child has taken a toy, piece of jewelry, hairbrush, or other household item and flushed it down the toilet “for fun”. If you’re like most parents, you don’t find this nearly as amusing as your child does. Whatever the object was, you most certainly want it back! Here’s where Drain Rescue really does come to the rescue.

Wedding Rings or Expensive Jewellery Down the Drain

Have you ever carefully removed your wedding ring and placed it on the edge of the sink while you wash your hands or do the dishes? This is a bad decision! All it takes is one wrong move in a wet and soapy area to send your ring right down the drain. If this has happened to you…relax. Your ring isn’t flowing through the city’s sewer system just yet.

In the same way, a Drain Rescue plumber can send any item further down the drainpipe, they can also just as easily retrieve wanted items. Make sure you stop any further use of the fixture and definitely don’t try to retrieve it yourself because you run the risk of pushing it down even further.

Call Drain Rescue immediately. We’ll have your family heirloom back where it belongs

in no time!

Are You Experiencing Drain Backup in Your Home?

You’re not alone. This is another very common problem among homeowners. Drain backup is when water comes back up out of your clogged drain along with all the disgusting materials and build-up that you don’t want to see! This is one plumbing issue that’s extremely unappetizing and unsanitary so you’ll want to call in a pro as soon as you can.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

At the first signs of a clogged drain or blocked drain, hire a plumbing cleaning service right away. You want to make sure you avoid any further disgusting build-ups. Drain Rescue is a drain cleaning company that specializes in emergency plumbing and fast response times for thorough, high-pressure drain cleaning.

Avoid buying drain cleaner solutions because they often do more harm than good. High-pressure drain cleaning is the most effective way to clear out your drains and restore them to full working order again. Plumbers use a special pipe that, when forced down the drain, uses tremendous pressure to push through all the guck and grime causing the blockage.

How Do I Know If I Have A Blocked Drain?

An easy way to find out if your drains are blocked is to run a test and make a few observations. Visit each drain in your home and run the water.

Check for slow exit or a lack of flowing water going down the drain.
Is there a putrid smell coming from the drain?
Do you notice any faint whistling or gargling noises coming from your drain?
Monitor the exterior of your home for overflowing exterior gully grates or surrounding debris.

How Do My Drains Get Blocked In The First Place?

Blockages are usually caused by some form of grease, hair, debris, or food that gets into your drains. Sometimes it could be growing trees and roots or heavy rains that do damage. Whatever the cause, not to worry! It can all be fixed with a single phone call to a trusted and qualified drain expert.

Get a Visual

Drain Rescue plumbers use a drain snake with a camera to give you a full visual of the condition of your drain and to show you exactly where the blockages are located. In cases where trees are the issue, you can actually see the roots that have busted through the pipes! At Drain Rescue, we understand how powerful a visual can be. It allows you to witness the problem and to gain an understanding of what’s required to fix it.